Friday, January 24, 2014

Family Travel Tips

travelling outside Lanao del Norte heading Pagadian
We have traveled for  two - day trip from  General Santos City via Davao - Marawi to Zambaonga City. We left early 5am of Day 1 and arrived Iligan City by 7pm. With one driver only to bring us in a private car, we can only stay wide awake to entertain our driver.

It was only my husband, kid and I who traveled the 2 - day trip and could only stop to take meals and gas stops.

So, if you are scheduled to travel for hours or days, it is important to make your check list. You can check the following for essentials:

  • car registration papers
  • insurance
  • passport or travel documents
  • food and water hydration
  • first aid
  • map
  • kid's entertainment gadgets
  • travel news (for storm and road conditions)
  • muscle pain reliever
  • itinerary for pictorials, sleep  and food stops
We had to take a very risky road route as the Iligan City bridge connected to Zamboanga City collapsed. So, a rebel - infected route was taken instead. It was then advisable to bring a drive guide just in case you are not familiar with the route. 

Safety is utmost important, so, before you take the road, make sure that your car's condition is of prime condition and that where you are heading is known by the family, so, they can track your travel progress. Make sure too to enjoy your trip!



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