Friday, January 24, 2014

The Benefits of Body Massage

Not everyone can appreciate body massage but most people do. My family for one likes the physical contact of body massage from massage specialists.

But, what does body massage really do? As sports enthusiasts, we make use of body massage before and after the race or hard training to loosen up tensed muscles and to encourage blood circulation. Of course, body massage ain't needed right after the workout as massage might cause damage on swollen muscles.

Last night, after long days of 2 - day trip and days of triathlon training, we just had to succumb to Thai Massage.

Thai Massage. Photo source:

Thai Massage is known to address illnesses like migraines and asthma among others. Other benefits include flexibility, better sleep and greater awareness of body.

Massage is known in general to provide the following benefits:

  • alleviate body pains
  • reduce physical and emotional tensions
  • promote better flexibility
  • avoid cramping and spasms
  • help with physical rehabilitation from sports injuries and accidents
  • improves immunity
  • promotes better blood circulation and oxygen
  • addresses digestive disorders

So, with relaxing and smooth music or  slow music from pianos, you can relax better.





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