Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Lose Weight Properly

There are various means to lose  weight, some are fast but may be painful, while others are simply slow to reflect result.  However, whatever medium you select, the idea is to have the  weight loss program safe and sound.

When we age, our metabolism becomes slow and our lifestyle becomes more laid back, so, normally we just don’t lose weight but worse, we keep on gaining those unwanted pounds.

At 36, my  old school classmates and friends have simply grown big. While I may choose the easy way to life, I felt sluggish and insecure when I wasn’t doing anything to lose weight.

So, since 2008, I run three times a week and when I had the chance to join with a running group,  my short distances of 500m – 1km running has leveled up to running marathons and ultra marathons.

But, running can be boring and strenuous too for others, so, they resort to swimming  and /or biking, gym workouts with punching equipment or dancing . The idea is before you hit the road or ramp for  any weight  loss activity, seek first medical clearance.

Schedule your recreational activities that you can religiously follow. 3 – 5  times a week of activities are good enough.  You can as well add variants to your activities.  I incorporated yoga on every Friday to complement my biking, running, and swimming  for flexibility and core strength.
More importantly, complement your active lifestyle with healthy diet. Missing a meal is not always an option for sports – inclined individuals and I guess for everyone. The idea is to do away with unwanted source of fats.


Tips to Wedding Preparations

While wedding is the dream of every couple, it can turn out to be a disaster  too. So, make your wedding preparations hassle – free and just enjoy the big day.

Like any occasion, unwanted lapse can be prevented with thorough planning. So, make a check list of what must be done beforehand, so, you will only have few weeks / days left only for beauty rest.

Dress and Suit.
Depending on your budget, you may want to recycle your parents’ wedding dress and suit and just do the needed repair. But, if you have the resources, then renting out or buying  can be an option. However, care must be taken  since fitting / refitting must be done for the needed adjustments  most especially if you are close to your wedding date.

Legal Papers.
Civil wedding or  otherwise, to make your wedding legal and binding, the needed papers are required. For one, there is the marriage license to apply for among others. So, before  other things, make sure that you have complied all the requirements needed before wedding. See your local civil registrar and / or  church for the requirements.

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Wedding Rings.
Wedding won’t be complete without your wedding rings. So, you may purchase gold bands, silver or platinum. The thing is to simply find the best ones within your budget and you would want to hold on to for the rest of your marriage. My first set of wedding rings was purchased cheap and ain’t look good, so, I was always goofy with their designs.

For budget constrained couple, they make their own wedding invitations and simply customize them. However, if creativity aint your thing, then  hiring invitation artists can be good.

We locate  reception area for different reasons. For one, there is budget. So, if you want your wedding to be well controlled  especially during reception, invite only  the ones you want on your wedding. You can require RSVP attendance, so, you don’t have to spend for unattended  guests.

Cake, Wine, Flowers, Souvenirs.
 Just like the  things mentioned above, select your cake, wine and flowers  and souvenirs within your budget. You can prepare all these by yourself or delegate these to friends or loved ones.  The thing is let them know what you want like for colors, style and essentials.

Some may go for garden wedding or church wedding or otherwise, depending on your selection, there is a proper order as you hold the wedding ceremony. So, upon application for wedding dates, ask about the order of the ceremony and the things needed, so, you can prepare ahead.

Photo and Video Documentation.
We want to capture our best day, so, invest on your documentation resources. There are professional videographer and photographers who can be flexible with your budget. Arrange with them for pre – nuptial and nuptial ceremonies.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Filipino Couples Exchange "I Do's" on Valentine's Day

Today is February 14 and the whole world simply celebrate this day of love. In the Philippines, we simply adore Valentine's Day that we give flowers, chocolates, balloons to friends, loved ones and to our dear partners coupled with romantic getaway.

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But, one of the things I love about Valentine's Day is the fact that government agencies have used the day to give mass weddings to the less financially able couples.

So, with a well decorated venue,  reception, flowers, rings  and witness among others, a good pair of couples simply exchange their wedding vows and that indeed highlight their Valentine's Day.

So, happy Love Day everyone! May your day be love - filled indeed.


Top - Most Celebrated Occasions Worldwide

Today is Valentine's Day and the atmosphere can be quite festive for some who search the stores for their loved ones' gifts to include chocolates, flowers followed by some romantic dates. However, this day can be quite gloomy too for others who are in distant relationship or have just broken up with their partners or simply in romantic woes.

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So, I wonder what can actually comprise a list of most - celebrated occasions. My research shows the following:

  1. New Year is the oldest celebrated holiday and practically by all nations
  2. Christmas Day is a religious event celebrated by Christians on December 25 and in the Philippines other non - Christians simply decorate their homes just to join the festive atmosphere of the community.
  3. Valentine's Day is celebrated by most countries next to New Year. This may not be a regular holiday but remains a festive day for most people. 
  4. Eid al - Fitr is a Muslim festivity that marks the end of Ramadan. In the Philippines, we have this day as a regular holiday to respect the celebration of  Muslim Filipinos. This is a festivity celebrated by Muslim - oriented countries like Middle East.
  5. Diwali is a Hindu  five - day festivity that is celebrated by countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname. Families fill their places with clay oil lamps or candles for gratitude and prosperity.