Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Lose Weight Properly

There are various means to lose  weight, some are fast but may be painful, while others are simply slow to reflect result.  However, whatever medium you select, the idea is to have the  weight loss program safe and sound.

When we age, our metabolism becomes slow and our lifestyle becomes more laid back, so, normally we just don’t lose weight but worse, we keep on gaining those unwanted pounds.

At 36, my  old school classmates and friends have simply grown big. While I may choose the easy way to life, I felt sluggish and insecure when I wasn’t doing anything to lose weight.

So, since 2008, I run three times a week and when I had the chance to join with a running group,  my short distances of 500m – 1km running has leveled up to running marathons and ultra marathons.

But, running can be boring and strenuous too for others, so, they resort to swimming  and /or biking, gym workouts with punching equipment or dancing . The idea is before you hit the road or ramp for  any weight  loss activity, seek first medical clearance.

Schedule your recreational activities that you can religiously follow. 3 – 5  times a week of activities are good enough.  You can as well add variants to your activities.  I incorporated yoga on every Friday to complement my biking, running, and swimming  for flexibility and core strength.
More importantly, complement your active lifestyle with healthy diet. Missing a meal is not always an option for sports – inclined individuals and I guess for everyone. The idea is to do away with unwanted source of fats.



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