Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tips to Wedding Preparations

While wedding is the dream of every couple, it can turn out to be a disaster  too. So, make your wedding preparations hassle – free and just enjoy the big day.

Like any occasion, unwanted lapse can be prevented with thorough planning. So, make a check list of what must be done beforehand, so, you will only have few weeks / days left only for beauty rest.

Dress and Suit.
Depending on your budget, you may want to recycle your parents’ wedding dress and suit and just do the needed repair. But, if you have the resources, then renting out or buying  can be an option. However, care must be taken  since fitting / refitting must be done for the needed adjustments  most especially if you are close to your wedding date.

Legal Papers.
Civil wedding or  otherwise, to make your wedding legal and binding, the needed papers are required. For one, there is the marriage license to apply for among others. So, before  other things, make sure that you have complied all the requirements needed before wedding. See your local civil registrar and / or  church for the requirements.

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Wedding Rings.
Wedding won’t be complete without your wedding rings. So, you may purchase gold bands, silver or platinum. The thing is to simply find the best ones within your budget and you would want to hold on to for the rest of your marriage. My first set of wedding rings was purchased cheap and ain’t look good, so, I was always goofy with their designs.

For budget constrained couple, they make their own wedding invitations and simply customize them. However, if creativity aint your thing, then  hiring invitation artists can be good.

We locate  reception area for different reasons. For one, there is budget. So, if you want your wedding to be well controlled  especially during reception, invite only  the ones you want on your wedding. You can require RSVP attendance, so, you don’t have to spend for unattended  guests.

Cake, Wine, Flowers, Souvenirs.
 Just like the  things mentioned above, select your cake, wine and flowers  and souvenirs within your budget. You can prepare all these by yourself or delegate these to friends or loved ones.  The thing is let them know what you want like for colors, style and essentials.

Some may go for garden wedding or church wedding or otherwise, depending on your selection, there is a proper order as you hold the wedding ceremony. So, upon application for wedding dates, ask about the order of the ceremony and the things needed, so, you can prepare ahead.

Photo and Video Documentation.
We want to capture our best day, so, invest on your documentation resources. There are professional videographer and photographers who can be flexible with your budget. Arrange with them for pre – nuptial and nuptial ceremonies.



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