Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yummier Break with New Jollibee Kit Kat Sundae

With all the busy doings from home and work, there are simply days that we are totally burned out and simply wanted a break. So, how do you exactly get recharged? For one, I use my mornings for swim, bike and run and these still don’t work, then there is always a movie break or a spa to go to. But, more importantly, food indulge can be a heaven’s salvation.

So, aren’t we glad that we have a new addition to our home – bound favorite, Jollibee, with its Mix – ins made in Kit Kat splurges?

Grab your Jollibee meals with this yummy combo of creamy vanilla  and Kit Kat’s crunchy chocolate bits to reward your breaks.

For only PHP 38.00, your Jollibee time is simply yummier time as you complement your Jollibee treats with this must – have dessert.

Visit now the nearest Jollibee outlets for some heavenly goodness, only from Jollibee and its new Kit Kat Sundae Mix – ins.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family Anticipate Graduation Ceremonies

In few weeks, schools from all levels shall finally commence and school break is just one thing to look forward to. And, like every year, the Philippine Department of Education strongly reminds schools  that graduation ceremonies must be simple and that no graduation fee must be obligatory.

For private sectors, graduation ceremonies are as grand from the graduation robes, to stage decors and reception afterwards.

But, graduation is just a special event to celebrate for as school hard work is finally rewarded.  And, so resto bars and disco houses with cool music, fancy disco lights and high end among others   are just full – packed with graduates and their loved ones and friends.

After graduation, we could only plan our vacation ahead! Happy graduation, graduates!


Experience the Invigorating Tibiao Fish Spa

Days of hard work would only mean  unwanted stress and what more can we do than unwind and get recharged again.

There can be different ways to unwind for different people. I use yoga and triathlon – swimming, biking, and running to de – stress from work but trainings and competitions  can be tough too physically and mentally but somehow I use it to play to stay clearheaded from work among others.

But, one that recently interests me is the experience we had from the Tibiao Fish Spa, an Antique – based fish spa, that is now commercially open in SM City – Gensan for  a minimal cost of PHP 199.00 with a  5 minute – foot massage.

ThereFish for fish spa
photo credit: Bebegems' Pages Flipper

The Tibiao Fish Spa makes use of crossed breed fish in fish tanks accommodating around 6 persons for 30 minutes.  In a month, they shall be offering  full massage services to complement the fish spa experience.
The tiny sand – paper teeth of the Tibiao Fish give  a goofy but soothing feeling as they nibble on your feet. Every day the tank is cleaned with fresh water refill and for every 100 customers, the Tibiao fish gets to rest. Now, I call that fish rights! The fish breeder gave us bloggers an insider tip – more fish shall come if we are more relaxed.

Fish spa is known abroad for its de – stressing benefit and believes to be good for wellness and brain stimulation. More importantly, it is a good bonding   experience for the whole family.

So, when you are in GenSan, visit Tibiao Fish Spa located at SM City – Gensan just across BDO bank.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Graduation Gift Ideas

The month of March is the most awaited for parents and graduating students. This would mean graduating from basic education, college or post – graduate studies.
Should like to give graduation gifts to your loved ones, it would be wise to know their passion or interest and that would make the shopping easier. So, for your beloved, consider the following gift ideas:

1. For  sports enthusiasts like me,  sports apparel or accessories like running shoes  or triathlon gears or gadget can be your best pick.
2. For bookworms, new novels or  e – book readers like a tablet can be a smart choice.
3. For tech – lovers, check out  new lappy or phone or tablet on the markets.
4. For fashion  lovers,  a designer’s bag  or apparel can be an option, then, there are  jewelry options or you can  click here for diamonds and rings  for samples.
5. For heavily  loaded students, vacation trip can be a big plus too.


How to Go To Pao Pao – Sinawal Hot Spring

One of the nice things about trail running is the fact that you can enjoy running and at the same time, enjoy the nice trail of off – road route.

So, one of our favorite trails include the trail to Sinawal Hot Spring, a 1000+m asl.  The source is believed to be coming from an active volcano, the Mt. Parker situated in Tiboli, South Cotabato.

To head to Pao – Pao, Sinawal Hot Spring, follow the following:
For trail running, go for 16km distance from Pao Pao Elementary School, 10km away from the General Santos City’s diversion road.

The route can take cars or trucks but having a 4  - wheel drive can be a plus. Bring enough water and food as you head to Pao Pao Hot Spring.  Heading  to the school will make your eyes feast with the scenery from bountiful plantation of pineapple, mango and bananas. Of course, there is Mt. Matutum as back drop on the mixed macadam and cemented route.

the Pao Pao - Sinawal Route to Hot Spring

There are native communities who welcome the tourists  who would gladly assist you may it be in direction or hydration. The water is potable as you cruise through. It would be nice if you can start your run around 5am and may take the one – way route in 1 – 1.5 hours depending on your pace. The hot spring is around 500m from their main road as you take the downhill route.

The trail can be tough with the rolling ascent / descent to the spring. However, the lukewarm deep can quite appease the fatigue.

You can camp out in the area provided that you have enough hydration supply and required camping gears. Make sure too that you keep your trash.

In the middle of the course, you are required to record your name and pay 15.00 preservation fee.
Should you want to take a local ride from / to diversion road, a motorcycle, known as habal – habal, a fee of 75.00 – 150.00 would be your riding fee.

So, include in your must – visit, Pao Pao – Sinawal Hot Spring.