Sunday, March 16, 2014

Experience the Invigorating Tibiao Fish Spa

Days of hard work would only mean  unwanted stress and what more can we do than unwind and get recharged again.

There can be different ways to unwind for different people. I use yoga and triathlon – swimming, biking, and running to de – stress from work but trainings and competitions  can be tough too physically and mentally but somehow I use it to play to stay clearheaded from work among others.

But, one that recently interests me is the experience we had from the Tibiao Fish Spa, an Antique – based fish spa, that is now commercially open in SM City – Gensan for  a minimal cost of PHP 199.00 with a  5 minute – foot massage.

ThereFish for fish spa
photo credit: Bebegems' Pages Flipper

The Tibiao Fish Spa makes use of crossed breed fish in fish tanks accommodating around 6 persons for 30 minutes.  In a month, they shall be offering  full massage services to complement the fish spa experience.
The tiny sand – paper teeth of the Tibiao Fish give  a goofy but soothing feeling as they nibble on your feet. Every day the tank is cleaned with fresh water refill and for every 100 customers, the Tibiao fish gets to rest. Now, I call that fish rights! The fish breeder gave us bloggers an insider tip – more fish shall come if we are more relaxed.

Fish spa is known abroad for its de – stressing benefit and believes to be good for wellness and brain stimulation. More importantly, it is a good bonding   experience for the whole family.

So, when you are in GenSan, visit Tibiao Fish Spa located at SM City – Gensan just across BDO bank.



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