Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to Go To Pao Pao – Sinawal Hot Spring

One of the nice things about trail running is the fact that you can enjoy running and at the same time, enjoy the nice trail of off – road route.

So, one of our favorite trails include the trail to Sinawal Hot Spring, a 1000+m asl.  The source is believed to be coming from an active volcano, the Mt. Parker situated in Tiboli, South Cotabato.

To head to Pao – Pao, Sinawal Hot Spring, follow the following:
For trail running, go for 16km distance from Pao Pao Elementary School, 10km away from the General Santos City’s diversion road.

The route can take cars or trucks but having a 4  - wheel drive can be a plus. Bring enough water and food as you head to Pao Pao Hot Spring.  Heading  to the school will make your eyes feast with the scenery from bountiful plantation of pineapple, mango and bananas. Of course, there is Mt. Matutum as back drop on the mixed macadam and cemented route.

the Pao Pao - Sinawal Route to Hot Spring

There are native communities who welcome the tourists  who would gladly assist you may it be in direction or hydration. The water is potable as you cruise through. It would be nice if you can start your run around 5am and may take the one – way route in 1 – 1.5 hours depending on your pace. The hot spring is around 500m from their main road as you take the downhill route.

The trail can be tough with the rolling ascent / descent to the spring. However, the lukewarm deep can quite appease the fatigue.

You can camp out in the area provided that you have enough hydration supply and required camping gears. Make sure too that you keep your trash.

In the middle of the course, you are required to record your name and pay 15.00 preservation fee.
Should you want to take a local ride from / to diversion road, a motorcycle, known as habal – habal, a fee of 75.00 – 150.00 would be your riding fee.

So, include in your must – visit, Pao Pao – Sinawal Hot Spring.



Unknown said...

hi, i just want to clarify if the place is really accessible by motorcycle.i'm planning to bring my motorcycle hoping that the ride will not be that difficult since i'm not that experienced in off-road driving just like the habal-habal drivers. hope you can help me on this. :) thanks much.

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