Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Sweet Orange Tang Only for Mindanao

Tang, one of the oldest household beverage favorites, has launched its newest powdered variant, the Sweet Orange Tang, that  is specially formulated for Mindanao's unique taste.

photo source: Avel Manansala

With  Php 8.95 SRP per 250 - gram pack for one liter drink, this old - time favorite beverage is sure  within the budget of any household and best to complement any merienda or to simply cool off the summer heat. 

Lawrence Lorico, the Tang brand manager, has boldly announced that the new Tang was formulated by their food  scientists and was tested among selected moms and kids by Mondelez Philippines (formerly Kraft) against its key competitor and  Tang Sweet Orange was preferred more for its overall taste, sweetness and appearance. Best of all, it is Halal - certified and healthwise, the Sweet Orange has Fruit Power 7, a good source sure will be loved by everyone especially for its  rich minerals and vitamins including Vitamin A, B, C, Iron and Folate.
SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers with Tang Brand Manager Lawrence Lorico
photo source: Laurence Erojo

Lorico added, "We formulated a beverage using their local water and their sweet palate. The result is a unique Tang flavor that caters to the Filipino taste but does not skip on quality because it is made from world - class ingredients."
Gerald Anderson for Tang

Tang is even prouder to have actor - GenSan - City's -pride Gerald Anderson to be the ambassador of Tang's newest flavor. As Mindanaoan himself, Anderson can only affirm the distinct preference of Mindanaos for sweetness.

So, grab your packs of Sweet Orange Tang from sari - sari stores or supermarkets as it they are only available in Mindanao.  Find or like them on Facebook.



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