Friday, July 25, 2014

How Yoga Can Help Your Kids

Others see yoga as a religious activity because of its Hinduism orientation but for others, they yoga as a medium for relaxation and more. Normally, we see adults doing the yoga stances but the benefits of yoga apply not only to adults but also to young ones. 

While most kids just want to other physical activities like sports, kids who are a little shy can be motivated to do yoga as yoga is non - demanding. In fact, my yoga  instructor, Ms. Helen Prieto of Marichi Yoga House, consistently tells her students to do the stances in a way that is most comfortable. And, this applies to adjusting the stances when necessary.
Yoga in School

Yoga helps kids have better flexibility as new muscles are put to use. These would help too make them stronger and acquire better balance and coordination to do other school - home activities. 

Yoga promotes better focus and concentration which is basically important for kids as they do their school works and  as they do their social functions. 

Yoga boosts confidence as they learn and master stances. This would be very beneficial when they relate with elders and with the society in general. Poor self - esteem is normally the cause why some kids are withdrawn. As kids become more flexible and benefit from the yoga exercise along with the breathing techniques, they can somehow address their weight problems and help them do better in other physical activities. 

Yoga trains adults and even young ones to find peace in stances and that requires paying attention to our body and to clear our thought from all our worries. When this exercise becomes a habit, kids and adults acquire better insights about other people, their work, their school and life in general. 

While yoga is no - cure for all kid's needs, as a parent, yoga can help.  




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