Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Parents: Promote Values Among Your Kids

Experts say that the young ones imitate the behavior of their teachers and parents, and so, we are strongly advised to be role models.  This means that we have to live the preaching that we made.

So, whenever possible, teach your kids about good values to include but not limited to helping others. And, we have to be strongly consistent when we try to impart positive characters.

my own kid as he distributes school supplies to T'boli students of Maasim

Since I hope to have a healthy family, I embark on triathlon and marathons. These sports fill my regular time but these have helped me to be more motivated, to train harder, to accept defeat wholeheartedly and to have a healthy diet and good sleep at all times. Somehow, having my husband as training partner had motivated our son to be inclined to sports too instead of his regular playtime with PSP, tablets or computers.

More than this, we teach him to appreciate the blessings he has and to bring him to remote areas for community outreach makes him see that other kids can be in deep dire need. The teachings that we make become more solid and internalize if kids can actually relate this to reality.

So, support causes that help society from local and online groups like, gather your old stuffs or invite your friends and family to put up community outreach and encourage your kids to help you. With these, values are  sure to be acquired and realized.



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