Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When Your Kid is Bullied At School

Philippines is quite new when it comes to addressing school violent acts particularly because oftentimes teachers simply ignore the act and see it only as a child's play. Verbal reprimand to the bully is usually the norm.


But when does a parent need to be worried? When my kid was younger, he was all shy and normally reserved that he would barely socialize with his peers. However, when I had to hear the news that he was punched  or sometimes pushed by his classmates, I could only be dismayed as nothing was ever done except a reprimand to the bully. While a penalty may be relative to the frequency and gravity of the act, I must say, school must be very careful when it comes to violent behavior especially if this would mean bullying.

Oftentimes, we don't hear our kids talk about happenings at school but when tell signs show especially if the behavior has changed (not wanting to go to school or withdrawn or anxious of people), or physical abuse ( like cuts, bruises, scars) is seen, then, better head to school for some updates.

Bullying does not only happen at school; in fact, it can happen anywhere. Bullies take your possessions like  magnetic bracelet for men or violate your stuffs among, or simply call you names. These too call for immediate attention from authorities, so, not to perpetuate and cause serious downfall.

Schools are now guided with the Anti-Bullying Law, but, the challenge then is how to consistently implement the rules and to be more vigilant of bullying acts because oftentimes, bullied kids or individuals don't speak up.



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