Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why You Should Promote Sports Among Your Kids

Gone are the days when kids had nothing to do except play outdoor with other kids in the neighborhood. With technology hype, what can be more than pleasing to most kids except play time with their wii, tablets or computers.

With less active lifestyle, kids are consequently at higher risk  of getting obese and eventually prone to obesity – related diseases like hypertension, stroke among others.
Energen Fun Run - 3KM Race Category
photo credit: Body Kinetix

What then should we do to protect our kids? By getting them involved to sports can actually help. Needless to say, we have to make sure though that they are fit to go through  the demands of physical activities like sports.
with my kiddo running his 5km for the nth time

It is also helpful if parents themselves are into active lifestyle, that way, motivating the kids can  be less vain. Nothing is more important than keeping our kids healthy; let sports be part of their young lives.   When healthy and active lifestyle is integrated to regular activities, we reduce our chances of getting sick and feeling inferior.

When kids are frequently absent from illnesses or are obese, their school performance deteriorate; their self - esteem degrades. So, promoting active lifestyle can't deniably do us all good. More importantly, we play and we bond together with our kids, fostering better relationship with them. 



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