Thursday, January 8, 2015

Loving and Hating Your Family

with my running family - Team Matutum, in a baptismal ceremony

I guess if an individual says that he or she loves her family at all times can be quite unbelievable as experience and life stories of friends will tell us a quite different story.

If I have to recall my younger days, I could vividly remember the bickering I oftentimes had with my younger siblings which our mother would put us into time-out mode  or punishments I would rather not mention. :D 

Economically, we were not doing well too, so, oftentimes, I wish I had rich parents, so, we could practically buy whatever we like. Envy was quite common among us, children, as we looked up to our affluent schoolmates or neighbors.

But, as we age, we take things in a different perspective. Our wants and needs become simpler, and when tough times are called for - like bad relationships, poor career choices, financial burdens, we only have our family to turn to, and that may not exactly mean having your own biological family. Having your true friends around will warrant a family. 

Knowing that some individuals don't have the luxury or the burden of a family or group of friends, I am grateful that in spite of my family's shortcomings, I am grateful that I have them.



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