Friday, April 17, 2015

What Sports Can Teach Your Kids

In 1980's or later, kids simply enjoyed outdoor stuffs, including pinoy games like tumba lata, tubigan, siatong, patentero. I could hardly remember having friends who were overweight since when afternoon would come or weekends, we swarmed the streets with our own play thing.

But, technology redefined playtime among kids now. You would see even a two - year old kid moving his finger on a tablet, playing or worse, seeing all your kids at home with their respective gadget.

It is no wonder that health risks are even higher among young ones including diabetes. So, how can parents indeed address this concern? Sport can be an option.

When you encourage your kids to be physically active, they can learn to appreciate playtime outside the comforts of their electronic toy. Further, social skills are improved as they relate with other kids, learn to obey play rules and at the same time, experience to accept failure and winnings with humility.

champion in her triathlon age category of 8-10 years old
It is then important that as parents, we cultivate the culture of active playtime. We can encourage them to join clubs, like music or sports club, in their own schools. Limit their usage with gadgets and bond with them as we join them in their sports or at least, watch them when they play or compete.

mother and son competing for triathlon

Reality is there is no easy way to the top but hard work among others. And, when kids are into sports or in any club of their own choosing, they will appreciate end results as they put in extra time and effort to be on the top.

Further, networks can open up not just for parents or kids. Opportunities like schools scouts for scholarships or financial aid for talented kids can come unexpectedly. Young musicians are earning as they play and with that comes great appreciation and value for what they have invested in.

with my kid as biker buddy
More importantly, self - esteem is highly encourage among kids who are active. When they compete or play in the public, they boost their internal motivation and the appreciation of other people only intensify their confidence. This in turn, will help them as they interact with others and face life.

pacing my kid, boosting him as he ran towards his triathlon finish line

Kids mature early these days, perhaps due to technology exposure, and we can only guide them. While we can be busy with our respective jobs, let us not forget what is more valuable, our own kids.