Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coping With Miscarriage

Having been pregnant at age 25 with a healthy boy 14 years ago seemed to be easy since I started conceiving only after 6 months of being married.
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The pregnancy  then was high risk because of stress from new work and new place as I needed to relocate from my hometown because of my marriage.

I never really realized that pregnancy can be  indeed difficult for anyone, much more, for me.  And, while I feel for my friends who have harder time conceiving, I feel sorry for others who just like me have to lost a baby.
me (far left and unaware) at 5 weeks pregnant competing at an international marathon
Athletic  that I am, conceiving was least of my concerns that I had to compete for  a half – marathon when was 5 – weeks pregnant, unaware though. Prior to this, I was bleeding for two weeks before I had to see my doctor  and learned that I was indeed pregnant.  She gave me some meds to stop the bleeding and to keep the baby in place. However, after a few days, I had to writhe in pain and rushed to the hospital. It was found out that I had ectopic pregnancy tearing, however, my left fallopian tube. The doctor had to rush me to  operating room for internal bleeding.  
training is part of my daily tasks but put on hold after miscarriage
For only a week, I somehow enjoyed the knowledge of pregnancy but my state then was not at all easy, that I was also anticipating a miscarriage. Losing it though through a rupture and a blade was likely unexpected.
Two weeks since operation, I am home arrest from athletic training and work until 9 more weeks. Asked how one can go through  recuperation period, I fill my time with these:

  • Reading novel and online news
  • Helping my sister in her IELTS exam review
  • Catching up with TV series or movies
  • Taking as many as 8 sleep hours as possible (during training periods – average of 5-6 hours only)
  • Going back to blogging or writing
  • Organizing a running event (since I can't run and just to meet my running buddies)
  • Playing with my little nieces and nephews
  • Going out once in a while (for exercise too)
  • Taste testing my husband's baking of goodies
  • Seeing my ob-gyne as scheduled and taking meds as prescribed
  • Praying for my lost baby, good health and recovery, among others.
The idea is to fill your free time with something productive; losing a baby is never easy - the physical and emotional toll. But, when you know that you have done your best to keep it but still lost it,  you can't be guilty about it.  

With enough time for rest and recovery, you ( and I ) shall conceive  again and when that time comes, your body will be more ready. And, while this may not be true for some, I guess the idea of acceptance will make the loss lighter.



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