Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Practical Tips in Choosing Your New Home

Whether you are a newbie or a repeat home buyer, the tips for buying a new place boils down to core issues. And since you want to spend and build good memories with your new home which you aim to live in for several years, you want to be smart in choosing your next place.

So, what do experts say about having your next home?

  • LOCATION. In choosing the right location, consider everyone in your family who shall live with you in picking the right place. Will you new home means being accessible to work, school, hospital, playgrounds, shopping marts and all. All these may mean extra bucks on your house mortgage but if it will mean accessibility, then, the extra cost is worth it. 
  • PRICE. Money experts suggest that you shouldn't go for paying mortgages beyond 30% of your net monthly income. So, consider your budget, you cant compromise the rest of the departments, so, you can have  your dream house.
  • AMENITIES/DESIGN. Of course, you need to check the functional structure and aesthetic worth of your new place. Does it enough space for kitchen? Enough rooms for everyone? How about your outside space? Can your landscape artist put on your favorite plants or paver patios out in your garden or house decors of your taste?
  • SECURITY. Before you get excited of your new pick, consider security issues.  Is there enough fire exit? Is the structure solid and strong? How about the crime rate in the community? Is there access to security support?
  • NEIGHBORHOOD. Is your neighborhood friendly? Can you visualize living longer with the kind of people within the premises? Who would love to live amidst guns, drugs or something else?
Buying a new place is never easy; it may help you a lot to ask real estate agents, friends or referrals from others before you dig into your pocket and sign the deal. Try to visualize how you and your family will live anew in your chosen place? Will they be ecstatic and love the place? So, it's smart to get the opinions of everyone and next thing you know it, your new home can be your perfect home.